Cracked's Traffic Jam of Comedy!

It's true. The metaphorical street that is The Internet is at a complete standstill due to an over-saturation of comedy. We've crammed the streets so damn full of dick jokes and sharp social commentary that the entire internet is frozen today. (Please take our word for it.) Check out some of these articles and we'll see if we can't get this traffic jam, (or, laugh-ic jam), moving.

This week, Dan O'Brien officially lays down his challenge against Hannah Montana, Bucholz has the scoop on Marilyn Monroe's infamous blowjob tape, and Swaim has the results of the next presidential election. (Stephen Colbert won.) Meanwhile, Gladstone posts a series of erotic pictures of Gillian Anderson and Ross posts a picture of a swimming pool full of cats. Something for everybody.

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6 Best Shenanigans Passed Off As "Art"
"Art?" More like "Picture of Jesus that got pissed on," right? Right?

Notable Comment: Tykonderoga says "Just a word for the writers, I believe the correct word is "coprophilia," not "fecalphilia."" What a thing to be an expert on ...

Your Body Hates You: 6 Gruesome Disorders Anyone Can Get
Well, we've ruined candy, history and science, we might as well teach you how dangerous and inexplicably evil your body is. Next week, six things that adorable puppies have in common with Pol Pot.

Notable Comment: Yorak says "There are no women on the internet. Everyone claiming to be a woman is either a transvestite, a 50-year-old degenerate man with poor hygene, an FBI agent, or a spambot." Well, you learn something new every day. You learn something new, heartbreaking and emotionally scarring every day.

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History's 7 Most Astounding Sexual Resumes
Wondering why you didn't make the list? You might get laid often, but we're talking dick-explodingly often, here. You just can't compete.

Notable Comment: CrazyCatLady says "Somehow I feel like Im catching an STD just looking at John Holmes." Ahahaha. Also you're pregnant.

10 Scenes of Brutal Violence Guaranteed To Make You Laugh
Of course Gary Busey made the list!

Notable Comment: CodyCastor says "Tonight's main event: "Sedated" Ray Liotta vs. "Molasses" Gorn. And on the undercard, a triple-threat match: "Bear-mode" Nicolas Cage vs. a swarm of Piranhahawks vs. like, six funnels worth of bees." We'd pay to see that.

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The 5 Historical Figures Who Died the Weirdest Deaths

Notable Comment: NukeWhales has an addition for the list "Tycho Brahe should be on this list. He was man enough to hold a piss long enough for his bladder to rupture because it was rude for the host to get up from the table at a party. I cant believe he didnt piss himself first." And it's totally gross.

The 5 Greatest Real Life MacGyver Moments
Incidentally, this article was written with just a napkin, a lighter, a scorpion and some good old-fashioned know-how.

Notable Comment: Jeduc says "MacGyver must be the weirdest lover in the world. "Baby, I bet I can get you off using nothing but these chopsticks, half a pound of lukewarm chow mein, and this gerbil I found. Hand me the duct tape."" Is everybody else thinking about MacGyver having sex now? Good. Gross.

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The 30 Most Ill-Conceived Horror Movie Monsters
We're practically giving money away! Wait, not practically--totally. We're totally giving away money to people, people with mediocre to decent Photoshop skills. People like you. Wouldn't you like to be a person like you? Check out this week's contest about Video Game Villain Recruitment Posters and you can be.

No other site on the internet is bold enough to tackle the Pope and Malt-o-Meal in the same video. We do, and we do it in The Week in Douchebaggery! Douche!

Funny photos. Funnier captions. Submitted by YOU. Voted on by the People. Think you're funnier than this week's winners?
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This is the "that" that Meatloaf was talking about.
by assassassin

Editor's pick:

Early segways weren't very efficient, but were just as gay.
by Stretch


Good thing they built that bridge!! Without it, going across the treacherous meadow full of flowers would have been nearly impossible!
by pontificus

Editor's pick:

Imagine "Are we there yet?" repeated 500 times and spoken in goat.
by Fairview


What the hell is PETA protesting now?
by djseifer

Editor's pick:

Unfortunately the fish they were trying to protect swam away and then they just looked silly.
by Zoo006

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98% of the clones were successful.
by Superhal

Editor's pick:

56 girls
2 fluffy costumes
1 cup

by fokeudome


What can brown do for you?
by gamefreakjohnny

Editor's pick:

"Oh yeah. Well, my Burning Man sculpture shits photographers. Does your Burning Man sculpture thing shit photographers?"
by slap_happy


Snagging a photo of Big Foot or the Loch Ness monster is cool.
But snagging a photo of a lawyer ascending into Heaven is absolutely fucking legendary.

by Cryface

Editor's pick:

Tony Hawk Pro Stock Broker 2
by spoo


"The emperor, still furious from the whole 'new clothes' fiasco decides to take a drive to calm himself down."
by manicjim86

Editor's pick:

and their pit crew was fired right after the race...
by namesnatcher

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