Thunderbolt and lightning, very very frightening…it's Thor! Okay, we'll admit, our dream pairing of Odinson and Freddie Mercury is still a rough draft. But now that Thor is a goofball, it's become kinda easy to forget that the God of Thunder used to be super self-serious and legitimately dangerous. He's literally one of two people who can wield a supernatural sledgehammer! All that said, we've cited Thor's comedy turn as a reason Marvel movies are getting better, since comedy is the MCU's secret weapon. Maybe that's what makes shirtless Chris Hems…uh, we mean, Thor so special. He's violent and chiseled and powerful, but deep down? He's a himbo who likes beer and video games. Definitely a character we can relate to as internet comedy writers. Especially the “chiseled and powerful” part hey why are you laughing?

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