Reality Shows

Saying there is a dark side of reality TV is a little like casually observing the sun rose, but we can link to articles nearly a decade apart talking how reality shows are dark. Even the epilogues—usually when the main characters get married and name their kids after other characters who died—even the aftermath of reality shows is depressing. It's not like reality TV producers haven't tried. They took their most vicious and antisocial star, Gordon Ramsey, and turned him into a teddy bear for Masterchef Junior…which is still a horror show

All that said, the production of reality TV is fascinating. Ever want to know what it's like having a TV crew tough-talk ghosts in your house? Ever heard the term “Frankenbiting?” It's diabolical. Ever wondered if those TV production rules were actually codified by a child? We've done all the investigating. read the conclusions of our butts-on-the-couch journalism below: 

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