Math: a thing only weirdos are good at. Okay, that's mean, but seriously? Math anxiety is a real thing. Knowing that, we'll revise our earlier statement and say math is a thing only wizards are good at. Or, as one of our writers who's actually good at math calls it, math is “reality's programming language.” Ugh, fine, we'll admit that being good at math is pretty cool. 

Not to mention, math can be used to ruin movies! And math proves being Santa sucks! See, we knew all along math was useful. Just like we knew you can calculate a 20% tip for your server at a restaurant by moving the decimal place of the total over two spaces. Just we knew we could use math to explain Critical Race Theory

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5 Amazing Wizard Tricks You Can Do With Basic Math

While only the highest Numerati may understand the spellcraft that makes our modern wonders possible, even a Level 1 Math Wizard wielding basic fourth grade arithmetic can pull off seemingly impossible feats.

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