Science has done so much for us -- from groundbreaking innovations to learning if a turkey will have sex with a stick. (Spoiler alert: yes.) We've come to rely on science for a lot within our existence. They help determine what foods to eat, how to live our lives, what exercises benefit us the most, what skills are beneficial, and many other things that help benefit not just our day-to-day lives but also humanity as a whole.

But scientists don't know everything, especially when it comes to humans. While we have refined various aspects about human biology, medicine, and psychology but there are some things they find from their studies that just plain perplex them. Hell, they can perplex regular people, too.

I mean, they're the smarties that are supposed to know all the things, right? Well, it turns out those poindexters aren't all they cracked up to be, since they can't even figure stuff out like...

Entry by CheezyWorm22

CRACKED CONT Monday is the day of the week when a heart attack is at its greatest A 10 year study in Scotland found that 20% more people die of heart

Entry by TheDED1

A 2011 study from the Netherlands showed that people who are good at holding their pee are also good at long-term money management. CRACKEDCON

Entry by Scott Laffey

Women with protruding, sharply raised upper lips... ARE 12 times more likely to have vaginal orgasms.

Entry by TheDED1

CRACKED.COM Almost 69 percent of those who reported having committed violent crimes also reported eating candy daily at the age 10.

Entry by OlPiley

CRACKEDOO Tall people are more vulnerable to Cancer

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