Armageddon Is A Transformers Prequel - Movie Math

Armageddon Is A Transformers Prequel - Movie Math

NASA is funded by a culture desperate to find new things to be afraid of, and space is truly the undiscovered frontier of terrifying danger like, say, the supermassive black hole eating our own galaxy.  So how the hell do the scientists in Michael Bay's Armageddon fail to spot a world-destroying asteroid hurtling towards our planet until it's only a couple of weeks away?  It's simple ... Michael Bay's Armageddon is a dystopian, hellscaped Michael Bay's Transformers prequel.  It's just math.

Sort of inspired by How Is Santa Real??  6 Movies Where No One Notices Anything.

Writer: Jordan Breeding
Editing: Jordan Breeding, Andy Sowar

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