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Minecraft was invented in the panels of a Donald Duck comic, so never underestimate what's possible in this medium. Well, depending how strong censorship laws are, anyway. And if censors are willing to use fake research. We dunno, we're kind of a “don't follow rules unless Stan Lee wrote the rules" crowd. But censorship notwithstanding, anything is possible in comic books. Horror comics go wild places. And just look at these insane comic book sex scenes! Speaking of strange sex, what about when DC mashed up Joker and David Bowie? Or forget sex, look at what comic books think women are capable of! Yep, comic books can do anything. We even heard a rumor that comic books can have diverse characters! What an amazing world. 

X Mind-Bending Ways 'X-Men' Was Almost Completely Different

Chris Claremont wrote the X-Men for 16 consecutive years, the longest run of any comic author in Marvel's history. But as much as Claremont did, there was more that he wanted to do, and had he gotten his way on a few key stories, the X-Men might have looked very different today …

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