16 Movies & Shows With Sketchy Behind-The-Scenes Stories

By Batman logic, all of these movies and shows should be vigilante superheroes.
16 Movies & Shows With Sketchy Behind-The-Scenes Stories

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We all know that the most interesting movie and TV characters have dark, tortured pasts. But as it turns out, sometimes the movies and shows themselves have even darker pasts. It's like they've got their own Batman-style origin story, turning them into cinematic vigilantes. Or at least pop culture mainstays.

Our readers did some spelunking into the seedier behind-the-scenes Hollywood stories, and here's what they found:

Both of the documentaries made about the calamitous and crooked Fyre Festival had some pretty unethical dealings all their own. FYRE HUATNKWOOL TE EAE
16 Movies & Shows With Sketchy Behind-The-Scenes Stories
The accounting for Return of the Jedi was sO creative, the movie didn't make a profit despite being the 17th biggest-ever U.S. box office hit. THE SAC
Back To The Future 2 used a mold of Crispin Glover's face and clips from the original to make it seem as though he appeared in the sequel. Glover sued
The producers of The Matrix franchise tried to own the rights to Jet Li's martial arts moves. 000 1010 Jet Li was offered the role of 100 Seraph which
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre may have been financed by the Mob. The porno Deep Throat was funded by a family with alleged Mob ties who strongarmed thea
ONE FLENOVER THE CUCKCSNEST Ken Kesey, the author of the novel which the film was based on, said that the filmmakers violated their verbal agreement t
The Sound of Music director Robert Wise threatened the city of Salzburg after Austrian officials refused the display of swastika banners for one of it
Benedict Fitzgerald, writer of The Passion of The Christ, sued Mel Gibson, alleging that the director was holding on to the writer's promised $75,000
NDIor Frozen's Let It Go was allegedly a ripoff of Chilean artist Jaime Ciero's song Volar. Ciero sued Disney and the songwriters, claiming clear
An actor (Robert Lindsay) was originally cast in Shakespeare in Love but claims Harvey Weinstein fired him as payback for confronting him about his be
Jean-Claude Brisseau's Secret Things, a film about two women using sex to climb the social ladder, was made on the back of at least two cases of sexua
The (straight) playwright of Rent allegedly stole characters and plot elements from the novel People in Trouble, which was written by a gay woman. REN
Investors in Ingenious Media, the company behind movies including Avatar and Life of Pi, are suing the company for fraud. MORTMINGTON A'ANA RO/RAAR DA
Wolf of Wall Street, Dumb and Dumber To, and Daddy's Home are products of a huge Malaysian money laundering scheme. They were financed by the money si
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