Comic book movies are some of the most popular and profitable movies of all time, but not all comic book movies involve tights and fights. Comics aren't all just kapow-bang-kabloom -- and they aren't all dark deconstructions of it, or dour horror stories. There are a lot of comics about a lot of weird things, and about half of them get adapted into movies because what are you going to do, write an original story? No, thank you. There are so many comics out there, we’ll adapt them all first.

Comics are a weird playground for freaks, and some of that material ends up being excellent movie fodder -- like, "What if you were super depressed and a girl, or, "What if you were old, and had a gun?" These are the types of stories you can only tell in comics. 

So here are some facts about some of the most interesting comic book movies that aren't interested in tights, fights, or magic stones. Honorable mention goes to Trese, Happy!, and all of those AMC shows, despite the fact that they're all basically superhero shows anyway.

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comic Book Movies Popeye This was Robin Williams' first film role after getting a boost in popularity from Mork and Mindy. Не would later go on to despise the film-which hey, fair. CRACKED.COM

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