Who doesn't love a good comic book? Okay, excluding mean older brothers and high school bullies. Seriously though, comic books are a unique medium that have contributed so much to our modern culture, including hollywood.

From famous characters like Batman, Superman and Spiderman to cult favorites like Hellboy, comics have acted as the source material for tons of universally loved settings and stories.

It's only right that when a comic is adapted to film the comic book movie includes some shout outs to the original material. We found some examples of incredibly clever and sneaky shout outs to the original work.

For example, Jessica Jones includes a flashback scene where Trish designs a costume for Jessica and suggests the name Jewel--a reference to the costume and alias of the character at one point during the comic series.

Gotham’s writers took Iceberg Lounge from the comics, and it was kind of a surprisingly meaningful choice. Here’s the full story, plus 14 others:

In Deadpool 2, Deadpool's angst about committing suicide is from the comics. He gets pissed off all the time in the comics at the fact that he's suicidal but can't actually kill himself (due to his healing factor). CRACKED.COM

Source: DenOfGeek

The Green Goblin from Into the Spider-Verse is based on the Ultimate comics. In that comic book series, the Green Goblin is a literal gigantic green goblin rather than a regular human (Norman Osborn) in supervillain get-up. CRACKED.COM

Source: Collider

Loki has a joke about one of the more ridiculous Marvel comic contraptions. THANOS THANOS In Episode 5, there's a helicopter with a THANOS sign that's a reference to Thanos flying around NYC in his Thanos-copter in a 1979 comic. CRACKED.COM

Source: DenOfGeek

Sly Stallone's character in Guardians of the Galaxy 2 is an old comics name. Stakar first showed up in Marvel comics in the mid-70s-but they changed him massively for the movie (in the comics, he was born in 2002). CRACKED.COM

Source: Vulture

The North Institute from Black Widow has a storied past in the comics. NORTH INSTITUTE KING NORTH INSTITUTE FIRE But it's a different one than the movie version's - in the comics, it's an agency that attempts to assassinate Red Room defectors. CRACKED.COM

Source: Vulture

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