15 Comic Book Movies With Sneaky Shout-Outs To Their Source Material

15 Comic Book Movies With Sneaky Shout-Outs To Their Source Material

Who doesn't love a good comic book? Okay, excluding mean older brothers and high school bullies. Seriously though, comic books are a unique medium that have contributed so much to our modern culture, including hollywood.

From famous characters like Batman, Superman and Spiderman to cult favorites like Hellboy, comics have acted as the source material for tons of universally loved settings and stories.

It's only right that when a comic is adapted to film the comic book movie includes some shout outs to the original material. We found some examples of incredibly clever and sneaky shout outs to the original work.

For example, Jessica Jones includes a flashback scene where Trish designs a costume for Jessica and suggests the name Jewel--a reference to the costume and alias of the character at one point during the comic series.

Gotham’s writers took Iceberg Lounge from the comics, and it was kind of a surprisingly meaningful choice. Here’s the full story, plus 14 others:

A winery name in WandaVision actually has a big hint about the source material. MARVEL HOUSE ASTONISHING X-MEN NEW AVENGERS 1 OF M OF GAMAY MAISON MEPRIS E The winery Maison du Mepris, or House of Contempt, is probably a reference to House of M, a 2005 story that the show heavily drew on. CRACKED.COM

Source: Vulture

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