Modern day comic book movies have evolved beyond anything fans could have dreamed of back in the 80s, 90s, and even early the 2000s. Could you imagine telling someone in 1997 watching ‘Batman & Robin’ that in the near future not one, but TWO, actors would win Academy Awards for playing The Joker? Or even the fact that a true comic book-style interconnected cinematic universe would take theaters by storm, becoming one of the biggest box office sensations we've ever seen and practically push everything else out of theaters? Audiences seem primed for whatever comic book related thing that could possibly get thrown at the screen… And even still, we managed to find some comic book moments that we don't expect to see coming to Disney Plus any time soon. Sometimes it's something inane as two unlikely characters hooking up, or extremely problematic storytelling from the early days of superheroes, and sometimes… it's even stranger than that.  

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