This apparently has to be said over and over again, but the Punisher is not a hero. He’s barely an anti-hero. He’s a cautionary tale, a commentary on underserved veterans when returning from combat, a story of what happens when vengeance turns into straight-up bloodlust, and what happens when cops fail at their supposed job. His story is about entertainment and escape, but that is just that, nothing to emulate or model yourself after.

Now with that out of the way, The Punisher, as a comic book, is just plain nuts. Like superbly nuts. Based on the premise of “unhinged man kills nearly everything he sees,” you would expect a lot of violence but the variety of the violence makes the comic go from gritty to cartoony and back. Then there are the characters themselves.

Here you have some of the nutty things that have happened in the pages of The Punisher.

Weaponized Shark

WTF PUNISHER MOMENTS Punisher MAX #36 FEEDING A MAN TO A SHARK. Frank has had enough with a criminal who was already dealing with a severed leg. To make a quick end of him in the shark-infested waters, Frank just picks him up and tosses him into a great white's mouth. CRACKED.COM

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WTF PUNISHER MOMENTS TURNING INTO A MONSTER- HUNTING FRANKENSTEIN. After getting sliced to death by Wolverine's son Daken, Castle is sewn back together and brought back to life by monsters that need a hero - because in comics you can do whatever the Hell you want. Franken-Castle S-SAVED... KAKK! SAVED... YOU... CRACKED.COM

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WTF PUNISHER MOMENTS WHO-- WAIT A MINUTE, WHAT'S THAT? Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe КЧК NUKING THE X-MEN ON THE MOON. Castle convinces the X-Men and their enemies to come to the moon for one final battle. As both sides bicker, Frank proceeds to destroy them all with a nuclear bomb he stole from Dr. Doom. CRACKED.COM

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