Cops Wearing The Punisher Skull Continues To Be Stupid

The Punisher, an anti-hero character emblazoned with a large skull across his chest, is a cult favorite in the Marvel fandom. He's almost the anti-Superman, whereas the overpowered Son of Krypton has vowed never to kill, the non-superpowered Punisher loves him some murdering. In fact, the Punisher relishes in all activities that are "extralegal" regularly employing torture, kidnapping, extortion, and excessive violence in his vigilante quest to bring criminals to justice. He's basically what would happen if George W. Bush's wet dream found it's way on to the pages of a comic book. He's a great character for fiction -- a nice palate cleanser when you're sick of Superman being such a weenie all of the time -- but he's not so great, as an emblem of our police force. Unfortunately, the police haven't seemed to realize that fact, as many of them are wearing the Punisher's iconic skull logo on their uniforms.

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It's not a good look to wear the mark of a renegade soldier who takes the law into his own hands when people are rioting in the streets because a police officer chose to take the law into his own hands by murdering George Floyd. That this logo is of a skull, otherwise known as "a dead human head," isn't going to further advance your message that the police are out to protect and serve. And also, yeah, to what that guy said up there. This is a Nazi thing.

People are calling upon the usually litigious Disney to sue any police officers who have appropriated the logo of their IP. Still, for now, Disney has remained silent, possibly because there's nothing they can really do to stop cops from wearing it. (Their best option would be to sue makers of illegal merch.)

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Cocreator of the Punisher, Gerry Conway has also expressed his condemnation saying, "These 'cops' are a disgrace to serious police officers everywhere. They show an imbecilic level of irresponsibility and should be fired immediately." But if Police still have any doubt why they shouldn't affix the Punisher's to their vehicles or clothing (other than it just being super nerdy), perhaps they can take a lesson from the Punisher himself.

Cops Wearing The Punisher Skull Continues To Be Stupid"The Punisher" issue 13 (2019) Marvel Comics/Szymon Kudranski

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