The Punisher

The unofficial mascot for cops who need to be fired, Disney's Marvel's The Punisher is a bad dude. He has an origin story we never need to see again, probably brushes his teeth with turpentine, and generally isn't the “entertainment at kids' birthday parties” kind of hero. That said, black shirts with skull logos have an undeniable appeal—especially when worn by Jon Bernthal. That said, we wish everyone could agree Frank Castle is more cautionary tale than role model. Once we all agree on that, we can make a movie where Punisher shoots Wolverine's face off

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6 Comic Book Crossovers You Won't Believe Actually Happened

For comic nerds, the sight of two or more superheroes working together has as much attraction as the sight of two or more girls making out. In fact, given a choice the true comic book fan will probably go for the former. That doesn't always mean it'll work out for the best, though.

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