Total non-plot twist: this Picfofact features nothing but spoilers. With that said, today we’re taking a third-act walk down memory lane and remembering a bunch of awful plot twists – that we already knew all along. Alright, you know what? We’re not even gonna try to milk the plot twist joke, as these movies themselves already milked it dry. Indeed, plot twists are hard to pull off (even if you really try to plan them), and some of them clearly show they weren’t even thought through in the first place. As we will now see, moreover, a few patterns immediately emerge. In particular, and we’ll say it right out of the gate, the split personality twist. Oh, man, the split personality twist.

Ever since Hitchcock’s Psycho and then Bergman’s Persona, the “antagonist was the main character all along” twist has been the bane of horrors and thrillers alike. Fight Club, of course, did it wonderfully, and other, way more inferior but still fun movies also tried to give the twist a twist, like for example the dumb but underrated Identity. Still, it seems Fight Club truly resuscitated it, and for years it became the go-to final reveal, even surpassing classics like “it was all a dream” or “the main character was dead all along.” In any case, we’re now studying 20 of these awful final twists. We ignored a few we just don’t find that bad, like The Village’s (yeah, we said it), and the aforementioned Identity third-act shenanigans.

As for the truly awful, well, enjoy.

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