Tell Us Now: 16 Of The Greatest Plot Twists

No way! I didn't see that coming!
Tell Us Now: 16 Of The Greatest Plot Twists

Who doesn’t love unexpected plot twists? When it’s done well, you can’t see it coming, and it answers all the questions you didn’t even know you had. And it makes even the smartest person feel intellectually inferior for not anticipating it. 

We asked Cracked readers on Facebook, “What’s the best plot twist from a movie or TV show?” Without giving away too many spoilers, we collected sixteen responses for plot-twist-hungry to-watch lists. 

One of our readers was even nice enough to point out the difference between a plot twist and a plot reveal. A plot reveal is like Darth Vader's iconic "No, I am your father" line…it changes the direction of the narrative, but a plot twist alters our understanding of what we've seen in the past. Honestly, we're not picky on the difference between the two, as long as it incites a "No way! I didn't see that coming!"

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The Usual Suspects

... TELL US NOW. THE USUAL SUSPECTS Mark О. says, It's one of those twists so huge that it improves the film on repeated views because you're hunting down clues to work out how you've been duped. CRACKED.COM

The Mist

... TELL US NOW. THE MIST Craig K. says, The ending of the movie left me disturbed. Never saw that coming. CRACKED.COM

The Sixth Sense

... TELL US NOW. THE SIXTH SENSE Gunnar S. says, A twist that is so good that you have to see the movie twice. Once to be blown away by it and once to see how brilliant it was prepared. You can say about M. Night Shyamalan and his latter films what you want, but this twist is one of the very best. CRACKED.COM


... TELL US NOW. SAW Mark W. says, When the jigsaw killer stood up at the end of Saw.... I lost my mind. CRACKED.COM

The Prestige

... TELL US NOW. THE PRESTIGE Jeremy L. raves, The final twist in The Prestige blew my mind. It explained things that I hadn't realized needed explaining. So much of the personal drama of the movie just felt like part of the life unfolding, but the final twist adds extra meaning to so many things in the movie. CRACKED.COM

Never Let Me Go

... TELL US NOW. NEVER LET ME GO Troy M. says, If you've seen it, you know it. CRACKED.COM


... TELL US NOW. MALIGNANT Tim C. says, I thought the movie was just okay, not bad, not great, then you get to the twist and the movie becomes just crazy fun. CRACKED.COM

House of Cards

... TELL US NOW. HOUSE OF CARDS Jim M. references Sason 2, Episode 1, saying Yeah, that scene! Totally didn't see it coming. Не went from manipulator to murderer in less than five seconds. CRACKED.COM

The Haunting of Hill House

... TELL US NOW. THE HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE Mickey M. nominates the reveal of the Bent Neck Lady for the best plot twist. CRACKED.COM

Game of Thrones

... TELL US NOW. GAME OF THRONES Brian В. says, I read the Game of Thrones books before seeing the show and during the Red Wedding, I seriously flipped me out. I remember being p*ssed but also thrilled that the author had the balls to reset the storyline like that. CRACKED.COM

The Good Place

... TELL US NOW. THE GOOD PLACE Adam M. is a big fan of The twist at the end of the first season of The Good Place. You were so focused on the comedy and the characters that you really didn't expect it. The best part was looking back, they hid the head fake in plain sight. CRACKED.COM

From Dusk Till Dawn

... TELL US NOW. FROM DUSK TILL DAWN Lamar C. says, I don't know if it counts as a twist in the traditional sense, but I didn't know anything about From Dusk Till Dawn going into it and ОН MY GOD! CRACKED.COM


... TELL US NOW. FRINGE Justin L. says, The reveal at the end of the first season set the stage for the over-arching plot of the show, which up until then had just simply been billing itself as a freak-of-the-week sort of show. It truly set it apart from the X-Files or other paranormal shows. CRACKED.COM

Fight Club

... TELL US NOW. FIGHT CLUB Mike C. says, Fight Club for sure.... had to re-watch the whole d*mn movie over again. CRACKED.COM

Doctor Who

... TELL US NOW. DOCTOR WHO Toby C. raves about River Song reveal during the episode A Good Man Goes to War, saying, It became apparent Steven Moffat had been setting it up for nearly three years. CRACKED.COM

Cabin in the Woods

... TELL US NOW. CABIN IN THE WOODS Ryan M. tells US, Such an unexpected twist on the low budget teen slasher movies of the 70s and 80s. CRACKED.COM


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