20 Facts About 'Fight Club' (To Read in the Middle of a Meeting)

20 Facts About 'Fight Club' (To Read in the Middle of a Meeting)

It may not seem like it today, but back in the ’90s Fight Club was kind of necessary. Hollywood had been doing some subversive movies for a while, but nothing on that level. Sure, today we joined together to abolish the class divide driving climate collapse, and dudes everywhere just laugh off hacks peddling chodie masculinity to our best and brightest – and it was easy. At least, we think that’s what happened, right? It’s not like we have time to still be on the fence on such obvious stuff otherwise… Whatever, the point is that things were dire. When Fight Club came out in the late ’90s, neoliberalism had ruined men so much they forgot about truly American models of badass, freedom-loving masculinity, and so Brad Pitt’s abs were summoned to get on it.

Indeed, we now discuss 20 awesome facts about Fight Club to read in the middle of a meeting. Yes, we’re talking to you, Middle-Management Dude. Ignore what the Man is telling you about Excel sheets and PowerPoint presentations and quarter eports or whatever, and check out these kickass facts about Fight Club. For example, here’s a freebie: did you know Tyler’s plan to destroy credit card companies actually echoes one of the oldest tricks in the human equality playbook? It’s all about freedom, baby. That is, if you actually pay attention to the movie and even original author Chuck Palahniuk’s politics instead of misinterpreting their pretty overt ideas like, well, you know. In today’s Pictofact, then, we look back at all things Fight Club: the author, the book, the movie, the oily, economy-resetting abs… Everything but the video game, which doesn’t exist anyway, so forget we even mentioned it.

The other directors

FIGHT CLUB IT COULD HAVE BEEN A PETER JACKSON MOVIE. Before settling for David Fincher, the producers considered post-Heavenly Creatures Jackson and post-Trainspotting Danny Boyle, as well as Bryan Singer back when he was interesting (but still slimy). CRACKED.COM

Source: Wikipedia

A Massive Shoot

IT WAS A HUGE SHOOT. Filming took place in over 200 locations, lasted for 138 days, and ended up with three times the number of rolls of film as a regular Hollywood production. CRACKED.COM

Source: Wikipedia


FIGHT CLUB RADIOHEAD ALMOST DID THE MOVIE'S SCORE. Frontman Thom Yorke turned down the gig, as he was exhausted after working on the band's third album. ...... CRACKED.COM

Source: NME

Six Hours

FIGHT CLUB THE ORIGINAL SCRIPT LASTED SIX HOURS. Before committing to buy the novel's rights, producers had unpaid actors read the preliminary version to determine how long the script should be. The reading lasted for six hours. CRACKED.COM

Source: Wikipedia

Meat Loaf's Pants

CRACKED.COM LOAD Alt BE FIGHT CLUB MEAT LOAF RANDOMLY LOSES HIS PANTS. Watch as the gang leaves the hotel after attacking the politician in the bathroom attack-and focus on Meat Loaf's character as his pants fall off.

Source: Screen Rant

Real-Life Project Mayhem

FIGHT CLUB PROJECT MAYHEM HAS A REAL-LIFE INSPIRATION. Author Chuck Palahniuk was a member of the Cacophony Society, which alongside anti- consumerist group the Suicide Club was behind Burning Man (before it became an Instagram background for techbros and yoga models, that is). CRACKED.COM

Source: Wikipedia

Marla's Look

CRACKED.COM FIGHT CLUB MARLA'S MAKEUP WAS APPLIED LEFT-HANDEDLY. To make Marla look like someone who doesn't really care about her looks, Helena Bonham Carter had the makeup artist make her up with their left hand.

Source: Ranker


CRACKED.COM FIGHT CLUB THE MOVIE WAS A FLOP. Fight Club barely made 60% of its budget at the domestic box office. Edward Norton and David Fincher attribute it to studio execs neglecting the movie because they felt it was calling them out.

Source: Looper

CGI Breath

FIGHT CLUB THE BREATH EFFECT WAS CREATED FOR TITANIC. The breath during the fantasy cave scenes comes from the library that was created for 1997's Titanic. David Fincher would also go on to use CGI breath in The Social Network, with much dumber results. CRACKED.COM

Source: Cinemablend

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