What makes a good movie? Is it memorable characters, boobs, action sequences, dance sequences, naked people? Or is it the twists and turns along the way – the thrill of seeing the boulder first start to try and turn Indiana Jones into a pedophile pancake? Are trailers ruining cinema? Are spoilers helping anyone? Is the thrill of the unknown not a central pleasure of movies? Not according to the number of remakes we’re getting, but hey, in this Batman, he wears eye-shadow, so that’s different, right? What a twist! Of course, that’s not the actual twist in the film; the actual twist is the dude who co-created Felicity made a good Batman flick. And if Mister Freeze appears in the next film, that’ll probably be a pretty good twist, considering everyone’s expecting it to be good. 

But hey, that’s show business – a twist doesn’t have to be good, it just has to be. It’s all just a part of stories. Movies and TV shows like to have big plot twists – but they can’t feel like they come out of nowhere. No, you need to be led to it, step by step, or else you’ll feel like the movie cheated. Here are some of the best twists and turns foreshadowed throughout the film.

A sign would’ve been less clear than the foreshadowing throughout Us

Plot twists hidden in plain sight US The twist is foreshadowed cleanly and clearly. The main song of the movie-I Got Five On It - shows that Adelaide has absolutely no rhythm - like the Tethered. Red moves like she's a dancer. CRACKED.COM

Source: Screen Rant

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The Usual Suspects twist is literally constantly in front of your eyes

Plot twists hidden in plain sight The Usual suspects The twist is in front of your eyes the entire time. Though the end is treated as a huge twist, if you pay a lot of attention you can see Verbal Kint reading from the wall and even see some of the names. CRACKED.COM

Source: RogerEbert.com


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