Movie Moments We Have Questions About

Ok, but being dead the whole time is something you’d notice.
Movie Moments We Have Questions About

Big-ass narrative twists are a favorite of movie and television writers. When they first hit you, they can be mind-blowing. However, several twists don't make logical sense when you think about it. They contravene a movie or show's universe's logic, have incredibly disturbing implications, or are plain foolish. There is nothing quite like a terrific surprise towards the conclusion (or in the midst) of a great film to throw you off completely. When crafting a decent film, a good story is essential. The majority of movies have a three structure that begins with a setup, then sends the protagonists on a goal, and ends with a conclusion. This framework has shown to be effective over time, and it is the basis for the majority of the movies you see today.

 We adore a story twist, whether something makes suspense more gripping or a classic even more startling. Here are 22 films with huge storyline surprises that will have you thinking for days. We swear there will be no spoilers! Well, mostly…

The end of The Shawshank Redemption revealed that Andy Dufresne took 20 years to tunnel out of his cell. In 20 years of inspections, when the guards t
CRACKEDCO The plot twist finale to Gilmore girls might have worked in 2007, when the show originally ended. I'm pregnant! But in 2016, Rory was in her
ORAOKEDGOM The Force is strong in my family. My father has it. I have it. And my sister has it. I know. Somehow I've always known. Well, almost a COM Five Characters In Search of an Exit really doesn't make any sense when you think about it. The TWILIGHT ZONE There's no reason why t
CRACKEDc COM There was absolutely no reason for Jigsaw to place himself in the room. SALI The twist that Zep was a victim was twist enough. This was j
After years of telling Us that the island wasn't purgatory, guess what? It wasn't, but half of the last season was. They didn't lie, but jeez that was
The big twist in The Sixth Sense is that the doctor has been a ghost the whole time, and didn't know it. Seriously? How could he have been going throu
Movie Moments We Have Questions About
CRACKED.COM Harry Potter films The twist that Ron's rat Scabbers is Peter Pettigrew has horrifying implications. Ron has spent years fondling and shar
Cam (2018) had some ingredients for making a great thriller-identity theft and the double life GRACKEDOON of a cam girl. But the movie's big reveal ab
In HANCOCK it's revealed that Mary (Charlize Theron) also has superpowers. So she fell in love with and married a mortal. What will happen when her hu
CRACKED CO In Signs, aliens invade Earth, where water covers 73% of the surface and literally falls out of the sky. In the final twist, we learn they
It's a great reveal at the end of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them when Percival Graves says his actions are for the greater good, signaling
In the first NOW YOU SEE ME, it is revealed that FBI agent Dylan Rhodes was actually the fifth Horseman. Apparently an FBI agent can just fake an enti
Prince Hans intends to have Elsa smeared as killing Anna on purpose, and both of them killed before they could dispute this version of events. So how
In Die Another Day, we learn that Miranda Frost is really a traitor working against MI6! Just to recap: Miranda, the agent who volunteeredto work for
For a moment, it seemed like Rick Grimes would get a hero's death on The Walking Dead, blowing up the bridge he was standing on to save his people. Bu
CRACKED.COM A Beautiful Mind The twist that John Nash's best friend is a hallucination is silly. It's impossible to believe that Nash spends all his t
CRACKED.COM plAnet OFTHE APES Taylor sees the Statue of Liberty and realizes that he's been on Earth all along. But New York has/had hundreds of build
Melisandre's necklace twist was So f*cking dumb. GAME OF HRONES The fact that she is actually extremely old is pretty interesting, but wearing a magic
Do you know what REALLY made no sense about this whole scene? (STRAINING) You're letting him kill Martha Superman doesn't say Martha Kent. Or My mo
The aliens in A QUIET PLACE were thought to be invincible until the Abbot family discovers that high-frequency noises expose their vulnerable fleshy b


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