Big-ass narrative twists are a favorite of movie and television writers. When they first hit you, they can be mind-blowing. However, several twists don't make logical sense when you think about it. They contravene a movie or show's universe's logic, have incredibly disturbing implications, or are plain foolish. There is nothing quite like a terrific surprise towards the conclusion (or in the midst) of a great film to throw you off completely. When crafting a decent film, a good story is essential. The majority of movies have a three structure that begins with a setup, then sends the protagonists on a goal, and ends with a conclusion. This framework has shown to be effective over time, and it is the basis for the majority of the movies you see today.

 We adore a story twist, whether something makes suspense more gripping or a classic even more startling. Here are 22 films with huge storyline surprises that will have you thinking for days. We swear there will be no spoilers! Well, mostly…

Entry by jsimner

ORAOKEDGOM The Force is strong in my family. My father has it. I have it. And my sister has it. I know. Somehow I've always known. Well, almost a

Entry by stuiec

CRACKED CO In Signs, aliens invade Earth, where water covers 73% of the surface and literally falls out of the sky. In the final twist, we learn they

Entry by JMCreativo

Do you know what REALLY made no sense about this whole scene? (STRAINING) You're letting him kill Martha Superman doesn't say Martha Kent. Or My mo

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