We all know Alfred Hitchcock as the visionary mind behind Vertigo, Psycho, and M. Night Shyamalan’s frustrated dreams. And we actually mean visionary, not “visionary” with super-ironic scare quotes and a subsequent jerk-off motion like when the word is used next to Zack Snyder or Elon Musk. Hitchcock was an absolute genius of cinema (hell, even of failed videogames), and he proved it beyond any doubt pretty much consistently for almost half a century. Yet besides being the sort of Master of Suspense whose movies are still inspiring today’s filmmakers(’s lack of creativity), Hitchcock was also a complex individual. For better or worse, the genius also came with the weirdness, and even some good ol’ toxic masculinity

In this context, today’s Pictof – uh? What’s that? You’re saying toxic masculinity is super lame and only bad faith dumb-dumbs still equivocate it with masculinity? Oh yeah, of course, glad we’re on the same page. Anyway, in today’s Pictofacts we discuss some aspects of the life, talent, and sliminess of this legendary, Walt Disney-triggering psycho. We’re not really focusing on the movies per se, but on the man, the artist, the friggin’ weirdo. Some facts will probably be known to you, but others will come as a surprise. For example, did you know Hitchcock mentored a young M. Night Shyamalan and told him “you’re gonna absolutely reinvent the thriller – for like five minutes, and then you’re gonna spend decades fizzling out and it’s gonna be painful because I’m the real deal?” True story. We truly learn something new every day, don’t we?

Alma Reville

CRACKED.COM Alfred Hitchcock His wife was a big part of his career. For four decades, Hitchcock's wife Alma Reville helped with the scripts and, well, pretty much every other aspect of filmmaking, defining much of his style. It was reportedly her idea to use Bernard Herrmann's string score for the shower scene in Psycho.

Source: History


CRACKED.COM Alfred Hitchcock Не directed the first British talkie. Hitchcock's first success, 1929's Blackmail, was also the first sound film made in the UK. The movie was conceived as silent, but later on had sound added in post-production.

Source: Mental Floss

Jimmy Stewart

CRACKED.COM Alfred Hitchcock Не ghosted Jimmy Stewart. After Vertigo's failure, Hitchcock deemed Stewart too old, so for North by Northwest he went with the younger-looking Cary Grant- without bothering to tell Stewart he was dropping him. They remained friends, though.

Source: Mental Floss


CRACKED.COM Alfred Hitchcock Не popularized MacGuffins. The term was made up by his screenwriting collaborator Angus MacPhail, but it was Hitchcock himself who came to the conclusion that the MacGuffin does not really matter- only that it gets the plot going.

Source: Mental Floss

'Memory of the Camps'

Alfred Hitchcock Не worked on a documentary about Nazi concentration camps. The film, titled Memory of the Camps, was made in 1945, but shelved because it would hurt German morale (those poor Germans). It was finally released during the '80s. CRACKED.COM

Source: History

A Shitty Prank

CRACKED.COM Alfred Hitchcock Не made a guy crap his own pants. Always a prankster, Hitchcock dared a prop guy to spend the night at the set, chained to the camera-and then gave him some brandy to sleep easier, which was actually a laxative. The next day, everyone found the guy crying, angry, and covered in... well, you know what.

Source: The Telegraph


CRACKED.COM Alfred Hitchcock Не tricked censors. Hitchcock was annoyed by the Hays Code, which ruled Hollywood from the mid-'30 to the late-'60s. So for Psycho, he'd submit brutal scenes he didn't intend to use, for them to cut that and not what he wanted to keep.

Source: History

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