16 Plot Twists Nobody Thought Through

16 Plot Twists Nobody Thought Through

Plot twists in movies go together like peanut butter and a knife! See, wasn’t that sentence a lot more interesting with a twist? Did it make sense? Who cares! It was exciting and fun. and if you paid $12.50 to hear it, who gives a rip if it makes sense as long, as it keeps you entertained long enough for you to forget how little sense it makes? That’s the basic rule for most movie plot twists – in retrospect it doesn’t need to make a lot of sense, as long as it’s fun in a moment. Like a roller coaster made of spiders. Or Legoland. There doesn’t need to be logic – it just needs to be.

That said, some plot twists go a little weird and hard and show that occasionally, if you just put enough words on a page, eventually someone will pay you for it even if it doesn’t have any logic in it or show proof that no one then there’s read it. 

Here’s a bunch of plot twists from some of your favorite movies that prove Hollywood makes even less sense on screen than behind. But these are your favorite movies, who cares about logic? Look at the pretty lights go ping-twing.

The entire horror in The Visit could be easily avoided

Plot twists no one thought through The visit one phone call would be enough. M. Night Shyamalan's movie about how the mentally ill elderly are scary goes to contrived lengths to make sure the mother doesn't find out that her children aren't with their real grandparents.

Source: RogerEbert.com

Hans stops being nice just for plot twist's sake

Plot twists no one thought through Frozen Hans is a nice guy... until the plot needs him not to be. Не dotes on Anna up until the exact moment he should be there for her... and then pulls the rug out from under her. For teh eviluz.

Source: The Atlantic


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