"It is a curious thing. I was in love once, and it was very serious for some months, and the woman herself was really very good-looking and charming—a great lady of fashion in New York City."

"She was beautiful," confirmed the other man, as they sat at breakfast one morning. "I remember her. And yet she wasn't beautiful in that sense; there was nothing of the fairy-tale about her. She had an air about her that made one feel that if the gods themselves were looking on us mortals, it wouldn't be difficult to win their admiration."

"Yes ... and do you know why she left me? Have I ever told you?"

"I don't think so ... why?"

"She complained I never do anything for her, so I decided to write down a list of fifteen facts I knew. And she left me in disgust."


"Yes. Do you want to hear the facts?"

"Oh ... go on, then."

Jesus may have been an actual wizard, wand and all.

In early Christian art, Jesus was often depicted with a wand when performing miracles: Art showed Jesus wielding a magic wand when performing miracles, such as when multiplying the loaves or using a wizard's staff to resurrect Lazarus. CRACKED.COM

Jesus Was The OG Wizard

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