'The Office' Once Had Blogs, And They Were Killer

Kevin had a MySpace.
'The Office' Once Had Blogs, And They Were Killer

When The Office premiered in 2005, it wasn’t the mega-hit it would become.  Not even close. To find an audience, show creators needed to get creative -- so they enlisted the show’s characters to interact with prospective viewers. And what better way to engage people with time on their hands than the slowly evolving virtual space known as the World Wide Web?

Check out these four artifacts of Internet and Office culture, preserved in amber for our archive.org entertainment.



The font screams 2006.

Amazingly, Rainn Wilson himself wrote the first blog entries on Schrute-Space, using the set’s networked computers to amuse his Office co-workers. “The producers saw it when they walked by and thought it was funny,” says Wilson. “Then NBC (asked) if I wanted to do a behind-the-scenes blog, and I said no, but that I would do one as Dwight.”

Here’s a sample entry:

I hate Salmon. It's so pink. And it smells like fish. Salmon sucks! I hate Salmon. I hope they all die in those rivers.


We had our 5th annual "DUNDIE AWARDS" ceremony the other night. Michael did not see fit to bless me with an award but I did get my fill of CHILI'S "Triple Plays" (they call it that, not because it has a baseball theme, but because it has 3 (THREE!) components to it). Boneless buffalo wings, Southwestern Eggrolls and chicken crispers!!! Moist good food. NO SALMON!!!

Creed Thoughts

In The Office episode ‘The Job,’ Ryan explains how he helped out a co-worker: 

“Last year, Creed asked me how to set up a blog. Wanting to protect the world from being exposed to Creed’s brain I opened up a Word document on his computer and put an address at the top. I’ve read some of it. Even for the internet, it’s… pretty shocking.”


While Creed wrongly believed you could access his musings at www.creedthoughts.gov.www/creedthoughts, NBC put an actual Creed Thoughts blog on its site. That’s gone now, but you can find still dig up old entries.  For example:

I don’t trust people who say my name too many times when they’re talking to me. “You know what I mean, Creed?” “Well, Creed, I thought I’d never see you again.” “Creed, you’re under arrest, Creed.” What an obnoxious habit. It’s not my real name anyway, so don’t waste your breath, you know?

Went to a bathroom that had green-apple scented soap the other day. It smelled so good it made me want to eat my hands.

Meredith’s Sex and the Electric City Blog


This blog + celebrity sex tapes gave Meredith carpal tunnel syndrome.

Not surprisingly, Meredith didn’t blog long before she was “done writing this @#$%” but she left behind some great entries, including these insights into her many bruises:

I got all these bruises on my body and no idea where or how I got them. Whenever I get hammered and don’t remember much, I search my body for bruises and the stories they tell.

I got a big yellow one on my right hip, so I musta fallen off a bar stool or the stage at Shaker’s. Got one that looks like a bite mark on my right arm, from the dent you can tell it was made by false teeth so now I know I was out with Ol’ Mickey the Chomper. Have a couple of bruises on my neck (they might be hickys though). There’re bruises up and down my legs, I’m clueless on those. And I got one on my left hip in the shape of an H… hit by a Honda?

Bonus: Kevin’s MySpace

Though not an official show blog, Brian Baumgartner kept a MySpace as his Kevin Malone character. Like all old MySpace pages, it’s a little wonky looking these days, but still worth a drop down the rabbit hole.



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