Craig Robinson has kept us laughing for years at this point. Projects like The Office, Pineapple Express and This is The End have all cradled us when no one else would. With Craig's new show Killing It soon streaming its first season on Peacock, let's look at some lesser known facts about this comedy powerhouse.

Stand Up Comedy

Craig Robinson Playing Piano

Wikimedia Commons/Staff Sgt. Daniel Luksan

Flight of the Conchords, Bo Burnham and…. Craig Robinson!

Robinson has been doing Musical Stand Up comedy for years and still tours the country playing comedy songs on his piano. Robinson said he only did one set as a traditional stand up, then brought his keyboard to the next, and hasn't looked back since.

Daryl and Meredith Reunited in Song

Craig Robinson and Kate Flannery recently joined forces at the premiere of Craig's new show to lead the crowd in song.

God bless these two for still being able to hear The Office Theme without getting a nosebleed.

Craig's Original Song is in "This Is The End"

The song “Take Your Panties Off” is Robinson's biggest song in his stand up routine. The song also appears in This is The End after Seth Rogan saw Robinson perform and asked if they could put the song in the movie.

Craig Voices a Shrek Character

Cookie the Ogre

Paramount Pictures Studios

That's right, Craig Robinson is in the SCU (Shrek Cinematic Universe)

Craig plays "Cookie The Ogre" in “Shrek Forever After.” 

Guess it's time for yet ANOTHER rewatch of "Shrek Forever After" now!

He's Open to an Office Reunion

Craig Robinson as Darryl Philbin

NBC Universal

When asked if he would be interested in doing an office reunion Robinson said “Hey, if they call, I'll come out to support.”

In reference to where Darryl Philbin would be now, Robinson added “Darryl was already rising through the ranks, starting that company with Jim, so he's probably part-owner of a team right now.” 

He Appeared in “Friends”

Craig Robinson on Friends

Warner Bros

One of Craig's earliest acting roles was a small part on the show “Friends.”

Robinson said “ I had a scene with Pheobe where I change her name; I was a government worker. She wanted her name changed to Banana Hammock.”

Craig's Movie Recommendation

Craig Robinson Rapture Palooza


When asked which of his smaller movies he thinks more people need to see he responded with “Rapture Palooza” which he starred in alongside Anna Kendrick. 

“I play the antichrist who later becomes the devil. I'm telling you, it's worth checking out. It's a small movie, and we had a lot of freedom” said Robinson. 

New Show “Killing It”

Craig Robinson Killing It

NBC Universal

Craig Stars in a new show for Peacock called "Killing it." The show consists of Craig Robinson playing a security guard who switches career paths to hunt giant snakes in the Everglades!

It sounds similar to "The Office," except with different characters, story, setting, tone and shooting style.

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