16 Plot Holes In 'The Office'

You're telling me Michael didn't recognize Will Ferrell AT ALL!?
16 Plot Holes In 'The Office'

When you give a comedy show nine seasons, you're bound to have some continuity errors. The Office was a show so wrapped around improvising and funny one-off lines it was obviously no exception. Did you catch these before seeing the list? Did we miss any?

The Office is one of the most famous TV shows. We have seen every episode more times than we can count. But even with how many times we have watched it, there are still some plot holes that make us scratch our heads. Like, what was the point of the cameraman in the beginning? Or why did Jim and Pam wait so long to get together? And what was up with that ending? No matter how much you love a show, there are always bits that don't make sense. In this article, cracked will be exploring some of the biggest plot holes in The Office. Keep reading if you want to know more!


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