Plot Twist: North Korea Might Have Pulled The $600 Million 'Axie Infinity' NFT Heist

Dictators are beginning to pull some serious gamer moves.
Plot Twist: North Korea Might Have Pulled The $600 Million 'Axie Infinity' NFT Heist

Two weeks ago, we all got caught off guard by the discovery that the blockchain might perhaps not be as safe as crypto cultists aficionados have been claiming it to be when Axie Infinity, the most successful crypto-based game and Pokémon ripoff in the world, got hacked out of over $600 million. Yes, that's 600 million dollars and not some other made-up currency. We're sorry to inform our readers that no one has beaten that record yet, but we just caught wind of some news that might prove just as fun. At the time of the attack, there were absolutely no suspects to speak of. That's maybe because, and this is just a fan theory, crypto shenanigans seem to inherently favor the worst of bad actors. Anyway, we've just learned that the US Government believes North Korea to have been behind it all along. 

Kim Jong-Un with his trusty trackball mouse


We're torn between lecturing readers on how crime is bad and just sending Kim Jong Un some superior gaming gear.

The US treasury claims that North Korean state-sponsored hackers Lazarus Group is behind the attack, and this might feel like a joke to many, but if there's one thing to know about crypto is that nothing is too dumb to be the actual explanation. Like, it was just a few days ago that we learned Microsoft, Nvidia, and many other big companies got their security destroyed by a literal bunch of meddling teens. How's this stranger than that in any way? Sky Mavis, the people behind Axie Infinity, claim that recovering the lost money could take up to two years, which is yet another hilarious proof of just how efficient their system really is.

Some NFTs battling it out

Sky Mavis

Pictured: North Korea versus the blockchain security made understandable for crypto evangelists.

Top Image: Sky mavis

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