Dyson's Air-Purifying Headset Slaps (For People Who Want To Star In A 'Saw' Film)

Finally, a solution for the people who have to deal with the pain of looking too cool.
Dyson's Air-Purifying Headset Slaps (For People Who Want To Star In A 'Saw' Film)

Gamers are no strangers to weird products, like, say, Gamer Fart 9000, a protein powder seemingly meant to bulk up the hands of the most hardcore members of gamer-kin. The success of so many bizarre gamer-related products made many companies believe there's no limit to how silly they can get and still turn a profit. The latest proof of that beautiful trend is the Dyson Zone, vacuum titan Dyson's foray into headsets that will allow gamers to breathe better. Yes, on top of what better be absolutely stellar sound, Dyson's new headphone aims at covering the mouths of users while filtering the air that they breathe.


Even the model looks like she's trying hard not to laugh. Perhaps purified hair is a good tickling agent.

Awesome inevitable weed-related mods aside, this looks like a weird mix between dumb and straight-up scary.

an actual promotional picture by dyson of what seems to be an"air test dummy"


Actually no, I don't want to play a game, not anymore, Mr. Jigsaw.

The best part of all is how this isn't just James Bond villain-type contraption they made up on the spot to torture unruly beta testers whenever the testicle-vacuumer breaks down, but the “best” version out of a bunch of prototypes they'd testing for over 5 years now.

the first prototype


Ok, the gift of hindsight makes the final model look a bit better.

If this thing succeeds, which it very well might because the world has been a bit strange lately, we may very well end up seeing some really cool steampunk-themed limited editions.

The reverse bear trap from the 'Saw' Series

Lions Gate

limited in the sense that they'll have to limit the production when people start dying.

Maybe we just oppose beautiful and inevitable change, but this news made us the same way we felt when we learned that Razer was making Zephyr, the first mask for gamers,

A LED mask that's somehow a real thing


an absolutely ridiculous-looking piece of tech that turns out isn't even good at filtering.

Top Image: Warner Brothers

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