What was the last gift you gave your girlfriend? If you didn’t shoehorn her into the climactic scene of a blockbuster movie, and give her a $100,000 setpiece, you’re not going hard enough. Some unknown burglars recently made off with over $300,000 worth of loot from the set of a Netflix show – no word on whether those were also gifts for loved ones. Way back in 1999, a different bandit tried to kidnap Fidel Castro with nothing but a hijacked plane and an offer of pizza. Pizza was at the heart of another catastrophe back in 1973, only this one involved botulism and a mass grave. While we’re on the subject, a very famous inventor once referred to pizza as “nauseating cake.”

Despite all evidence to the contrary, we’ve got some non-pizza trivia teed up as well! For example, you know that weird trope of horror franchises taking their gore and jump scares into space? That can all be traced back to one dumb joke at a company holiday party. 


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