Real Thieves Robbed Netflix's Heist Show 'Lupin' (And 'The Crown')

The fake burglars have become the burgled.
Real Thieves Robbed Netflix's Heist Show 'Lupin' (And 'The Crown')

Someone contact Alanis Morisette, because we have a new reference point for irony that may or may not make sense while set to music. A crime has been committed on the set of Netflix’s popular French language series, Lupin, a new take on the famous stories about master gentleman thief Arsène Lupin, featuring a modern day burglar who is inspired by the classic character. Although the protagonist, Assane Diop, has only turned to thieving to avenge his wrongfully accused father.

Well, now the authorities have confirmed reports that the production of Lupin was burgled, the victim of an elaborate heist – which is a little like finding out that the crew of Breaking Bad was blown-up by a middle-aged meth kingpin. According to reports, around twenty people with “covered faces” broke into the set last month and “threw fireworks” which allowed them to steal “roughly $330,000 worth of equipment.” 

Obviously this required a lot of coordination and effort, but it’s not quite as gentlemanly and slick as one might have expected from a squad of criminals stealing from the set Lupin. Were no glass cutters or elaborate disguises involved? And presumably they were just doing it for the profit involved, and none of the gang were endeavouring to undo an injustice against a family member. 

While we have yet to find out if the producers of Lupin have now soured on the idea of theft and will pivot the show’s focus to, like, baking or something, we’ve also learned that this wasn’t the only Netflix show that was recently robbed. Just the day before the incident on the Lupin set in France, the set of The Crown in Northern England was robbed, which is also kind of ironic if you take into account everything the British Empire has plundered over the centuries. The thief took “roughly $200,000 worth of props” including “gold and silver candelabras” and a “replica Fabergé egg” – so it’s entirely possible that the crook actually made way less on this job than they may have initially thought. The big takeaway here is that the Stranger Things crew might want to start locking their Eggo waffles and cans of New Coke in a safe at night.

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