30 Bonkers Inspirations Behind Iconic Movies And Shows

30 Bonkers Inspirations Behind Iconic Movies And Shows

It's no secret that many of our favorite movies and shows are inspired by real-life events. After all, truth is often stranger than fiction. However, there are some surprising inspirations behind some of our favorites that you might not be aware of. For example, did you know that the movie "The Shining" was based on a true story? Stephen King was reportedly inspired to write the novel after he experienced a number of strange events while staying at the Stanley Hotel in Colorado. Another example is the show "Breaking Bad." The main character, Walter White, is based on a real-life chemist who turned to cook meth after he was diagnosed with cancer. While some of these stories may be fictionalized, they offer a fascinating glimpse into the real-life inspirations behind some of our favorite movies and shows.

The inspiration for the Hulk came from Jack Kirby after encountering a superhuman feat of strength. More on that and 29 other wild inspirations behind beloved movies and shows:

The Netflix show Midnight Mass is an extremely personal project, it turns out. It was heavily inspired by creator Mike Flanagan's Catholic upbringing, and he wanted to explore his own views of faith and religion with it. CRACKED.COM


BLACK PANTHER took inspiration from THE GODFATHER. a man's Ryan father Coogler dies, and suddenly he has to step into realized that this position of power was pretty much a summary of The Godfather - so he watched all the Godfather films, taking notes. CRACKED.COM


Jack Kirby came up with The Hulk after seeing a woman lift a car. Her baby got caught underneath it, and in her desperation, Kirby says she lifted the rear of the car to save her baby. Не realized that we can all do something like that in desperation or rage, which led him to The Hulk. CRACKED.COM


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