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Documentaries and biopics are a big deal, especially during award season. But it turns out that an absolute ton of movies and shows are based on real life. They're just not openly admitting it. Maybe the writers don't want to sound like unoriginal hacks, but they're constantly basing scenes, plots, characters, and such on actual events and people.

Entry by PollyDarton

CRACKEDOON Mike Judge based the voice for the marble-mouthed character of Boomhauer on King Of The Hill off of a rambling and angry voice mail he got

Entry by Andrea Meno

South Park's Kenny was based on a Kenny from Trey Parker's childhood, who also wore an orange coat and always mumbled. He went missing all the time, a

Entry by Resivir

22 Real-Life Inspirations For Your Favorite Movie & TV Moments

Entry by Scott Laffey

In an episode of The Inbetweeners, Will flips when the boys lose their front seats on a roller CRACKED COM coaster, calling the riders who took their

Entry by Scott Laffey

The Dukes' failed attempt to corner a market in Trading Places actually happened. The Hunt brothers created a silver shortage by hoarding the precious

Entry by Andrea Meno

CRACKED COM Star Trek VI's explosion of Praxis, a key Klingon Empire power source, is based on the Chernobyl disaster.

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