15 Iconic Characters' Inspirations

15 Iconic Characters' Inspirations

Ever wondered what the creative process of actors like Nicolas Cage entails? Of course you have. Everyone wants to know what goes on in Cage's head (besides planning his next quest to find some ancient haunted ruin to buy or whatever). Where does the man get his inspiration? And what inspires the unstoppable creative force that is Andy Serkis? Well...

Taika Waititi based his character Korg in Thor: Ragnarok on Polynesian nightclub bouncers. Waititi explained that the bouncers in New Zealand could be

For his role as Willy Wonka, Johnny Depp imagined what George W. Bush would be like incredibly stoned. Besides thinking about the 43rd U.S. Presiden

Robert Pattinson says Willem Dafoe inspired his Batman voice. Pattinson has revealed that Dafoe's voice in The Lighthouse helped shape his character.

Janice's laugh in F.R.LE.N.D.S. was inspired by an actor, a dolphin, and a cartoon character. Actress Maggie Wheeler revealed that Ronald Palillo infl

FoR his character in Back to the Future, Christopher Lloyd was inspired by a Philadelphia Orchestra conductor. Even though Lloyd took inspiration from

Matthew Goode based his vampire character in A Discovery of Witches on Roger Federer. The actor says he took inspiration from the tennis legend becaus

Theo Germaine drew inspiration from Harry Potter for their character in The Politician. Germaine said that Draco Malfoy's cunning personality fit thei

Iwan Rheon based Ramsay Bolton on Heath Ledger's Joker...and Dennis The Menace. Rheon said that doing all those horrible things with childlike glee

Anna Wintour didn't inspire Meryl Streep's character in The Devil Wears Prada. Clint Eastwood did. Streep based Miranda Priestly's voice on Eastwood,

Tom Hardy based Venom/ Eddie Brock on three different people. Conor McGregor, because he's violent but doesn't talk much. Woody Allen, because his to

The inspiration for Nicolas Cage's character in Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance? His pet cobras. Cage explained how his cobras would try to hypnotize

Michael Fassbender based David the Android in Prometheus on American diver Greg Louganis. While reading the script, Fassbender remembered the 1980s Ol

To pull off playing a British character in The Hustle, Anne Hathaway took inspiration from Stewie Griffin. While Hathaway looked at actresses like Jul

Lupita Nyong'o based her voice in Us on a neurological disorder (that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has). The condition is called spasmodic dysphonia and caus

Andy Serkis found Gollum's voice after seeing his cat cough up a hairball. While Serkis was preparing for the audition, one of his cats came into the
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