12 Bizarre Influences Behind Famous Movies And Shows

Next time you cut someone off in traffic, you might be the inspiration for million-dollar movie franchise where everyone gets murdered.
12 Bizarre Influences Behind Famous Movies And Shows

A lot of movies we see dominating the box office these days are either based on comic books or are just straight up reboots of already popular movies (and sometimes both). Sometimes though, a filmmaker will be inspired to come up with something completely original for our consumption.

And, man, sometimes that inspiration is really, really weird.

Logan CRACKED Movie: COM Inspiration: Little Miss Sunshine $8 When director James Mangold originally pitched his idea to the studio, he told them: I
CRACKED COM Movie: The Dark Knight Inspiration: The art of Francis Bacon Christopher Nolan based the Joker's makeup on Bacon's work:  wound up taking
CRACKEDcO Show: Westworld COM Inspiration: Bioshock Director Jonathan Nolan explained: I was  Ken Levine, the designer of those games... and he
Movie: The Grand Budapest Hotel Inspiration: Austro-Hungarian and Prussian photochrom pictures. Director Wes Anderson used photochrom pictures (black-
12 Bizarre Influences Behind Famous Movies And Shows
Movie: Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World Inspiration: Naruto ma Director Edgar Wright chose the manga look: In Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat, there will
Movie: Pan's Labyrinth CRACKEDcO Inspiration: Francisco Goya Director Guillermo del Toro drew a lot of inspiration from Goya's work in the film, but n
CRACKED CO Movie: The purge Inspiration: A drunk driver (and a vengeful wife) Director James DeMonaco tells the story of the time a drunk driver almos
Show: Batman: The Animated Series: Harlequinade Inspiration: The 1992 L.A. riots Arleen Sorkin, whose character in Days of Our Lives inspired the cr
12 Bizarre Influences Behind Famous Movies And Shows
Movie: Forrest Gump CRACKEDCO Inspiration: Norman Rockwell's art Director Robert Zemeckis used the work of the classic American painter to shape the l
Movie: The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Inspiration: Crazy holiday shoppers This is how director Tobe Hooper came up with his chainsaw idea: I was in a d
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