30 Stale Movie Tropes Hollywood Needs To Retire

Why do people in the future hate guard rails?
30 Stale Movie Tropes Hollywood Needs To Retire

The fact is, some of these tropes really need to retire. A car breaking down when a killer is on the trail of the character may have formerly worked as a suspenseful device the first several hundred times writers employed it. But now, rather than sincerely fearing for the character, fans are more inclined to roll their eyes. It's time to start putting these movie clichés and tropes to rest once and for all.

Guard rails mysteriously vanish when Hollywood imagines a sci-fi setting, no matter how long the walkway or how deep the fall under it is. Apparently galaxies long ago and far, far away are populated by tons of bizarre alien species, as well as more well worn tropes than you can shake a stick at.

More on that, as well as 29 other outdated film clichés and tropes that Hollywood refuses to abandon. So scroll on down for an epic collection of cliches you won't be able to unsee.

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