40 Super Gross Facts About the Food Industry

Hungry? Not for long
40 Super Gross Facts About the Food Industry

We think animals are gross when they eat a dead animal or chomp on some sidewalk dookie. But are we, as a species, truly all that much more discerning in our tastes? There are humans who eat opposite caviar — i.e., engorged fish testicles. Weve got folks out here eating a very effective contraceptive on a regular basis, simply because it also happens to double as an “antifoaming agent” in fast-food products. We even have people opting to drink straight-up eel soda — made with real eel bones, of course — and unintentionally eating beef gelatin in their yogurt, because yogurt companies like the way it makes their otherwise vegetarian product jiggle. 

And what about Jell-O? Well, one of its ingredients is extracted from animal bones — and skin. Bon appétit!

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