15 Food Origins That'll Make You Say "Huh. Wish I Hadn't Read That."

15 Food Origins That'll Make You Say "Huh. Wish I Hadn't Read That."

The most common foods sometimes have the zaniest backstories. The lemon used to be just another fruit, until snake oil salesmen convinced us it would save our lives. Soda fountains used to be self-serve pharmacies, for all intents and purposes. And you'd be surprised how many foods were invented to keep you from masturbating…

Corn Flakes are supposed to suppress your desire to J O. Mother, Guess You'll Have to open the other Package of Kelloga's TOASTED CORN FLAKES Kyg's TOASTED Tee id ttas Sava Ma4-ac 512 WhasCare CORN THE GENUINE ALWAYS HAS THIS SIONATURE FLAKES John Harvey Kellogg wanted to realize Sylvester

Source: Metro

We have nazi Germany to blame for Fanta. my) CBEror anta 65 eruy SHOKATA oa CRACKEDC CON Since they'd kinda sorta made mortal enemies with any country that could get them that good Coca Cola syrup, one poor sap was tasked with making soda out of... whatever Germany had lying

Ketchup was a fermented fish- based medicine. CRACKED CON The original ke-tsiap was a Chinese delicacy, made of fermented fish, and thought to have medicinal properties. The British tried to replicate it, then American Henry J. Heinz tried to replicate the replication, giving us the e-bastardized tomato paste we guzzle today.

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