13 Movie Effects That Were Made Of (Spoiled) Food

Rancid isn't a rancid-enough word to describe the smell on these sets.
13 Movie Effects That Were Made Of (Spoiled) Food

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Ever feel bad about the fact that we don't have smell-o-vision, yet? Where your cinematic experience would involve all the scene-appropriate aromas? We're here to tell you why that's a super-bad idea, at least in the case of these movies and shows. Because they used food to create their special effects, and they got really disgusting, really quickly.

Most people think fruitcake is crap. And absolutely all Game Of Thrones fans do. The Maester sh!te that Samwell Tarly is tasked with cleaning out of t
You've probably sat in some gross food at some point. But for hours at a time? And on purpose? Actors playing corpses in Day Of The Dead would be atta
The lava on Mustafar was way less hot and way more sticky than you'd expect. During Obi-Wan and Anakin's final duel in Revenge Of The sith, the lava
The merry old land of Oz had -flavored horses. Due to animal rights concerns, The Wizard of Oz folks had to find a new solution besides dye for making
What are android innards made of? Apparently the same ingredients as a romantic dinner. When Ash is revealed to be a robot after getting his head lopp
Rich people eating people? Great show premise, but what do you do when your lead actress is a vegetarian? at-based props like sushi or ground meat wer
It doesn't snow much in Hollywood. Kellogg's CORN Enter FLAKES cornflakes. ORICILAL Before the 1940s, an easy way of making realistic-looking snow tha
Turns out frigid hair sounds a lot like crisp frozen lettuce. ICEBERG! At least that's what the sound effects people for Titanic decided. When Rose tu
Cannibalism is a hard thing to picture. Unless you're George Romero. For the zombie flesh feast, the Night Of The Living Dead director had the actors
You know what sounds a lot like a person getting stabbed? A melon getting stabbed. In Psycho's famous shower scene, the sound effects were created by
The sewer escape in The Shawshank Redemption didn't smell foul. It smelled delicious. Since even a committed actor like Tim Robbins won't crawl throug
Babies are cinematic bagels. (At least in terms of toppings.) With right out of the gate newborns not being an option, filmmakers need to be creativ
Eating a real horse heart would be horrifying. Apparently the gummy version was just as bad. Emilia Clarke said the gummy stallion heart that she had
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