14 Iconic Movie Effects Made From Random, Ordinary Stuff

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Hollywood effects technicians have a lot of sophisticated, nearly magical tools at their disposal. Yet somehow those aren't enough to get the job done. Sometimes they have to rely on ordinary crap they have lying around to create iconic, memorable visual and audio effects.

For example ...


14 Iconic Movie Effects Made From Random, Ordinary Stuff


The TIE Fighter scream is a blend of the sound of a car on Wet ground and elephant noises. To create a laser sound effect, sound designer Ben Burtt mi


The blood in Psycho's shower scene is just off-the-shelf chocolate syrup. BOSCO BOSCO BOSCO Chocolate Siruy CHocolate CMoColaie Syre The fake blood us


2009's Star Trek uses a Dyson Airblade as a high-tech Enterprise device. G ailode dyron The filmmakers pretty much just covered the branding and used


The Facehugger's innards in Alien were clams, oysters, seafood. Organic matter was the best option for alien innards back then, explained Ridley Sco


The Fifth Element's spaceship parasites are Boglins, rubber toys from the 1980s. An experienced movie creature and prop designer wanted to use his ski


The body bag that Kyle Reese is put into in The Terminator is actually James Cameron's suit bag. The shot was filmed at the last minute, after a good


14 Iconic Movie Effects Made From Random, Ordinary Stuff


The Marine APC in Aliens is a dressed-up airport towing tug. ISLET CLO791 H The production team needed a huge vehicle to use as a base for the APC. Co


The white stuff that pours out of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man in Ghostbusters is shaving cream. The production team initially wanted to pour 150 pou


Captain Picard's stylus in Star Trek: Nemesis is a butane pencil torch, available from Walmart. PENCIL TORCH TUR TO ABS UETD Other than covering the t


The sound of Wolverine's claws unsheathing involves ripping up dead poultry. The sound of Wolverine's metal claws cutting through his flesh comes from


The home fusion reactor in Back to the Future is a Krups coffee grinder. Me FLIION KRUPS It was mounted on a piece of a 1960s computer to look more hi


A Tusken Raider's vocalization is the braying of a donkey. To make the Tusken Raiders' distinctive cry, sound designer Ben Burtt very slightly manipul