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We all know that the food industry is pretty shady, but we just kind of push that idea to the back of our brains so we can stick burgers in our pie-holes without feeling bad about it.

Well, we're here today to stick something else in that pie-hole. And by "pie-hole" we mean brain. And by "something else" we mean "incredibly disturbing facts that are guaranteed to make you lose your appetite."

Entry by bullamakanka

YOU HAVE EATEN HAIR. (SORT OF.) L-cysteine is an amino acid used in baking and to make food flavorings. Its main sources are feathers and hair. (Not n

Entry by ehsanarbabi

CHICKEN IS MUCH FATTIER TODAY. A study conducted by the London Metropolitan University found that chicken these days has over twice as much fat and a

Entry by pchandler43

YOU'VE BEEN SWALLOWING BEAVER ASS JUICE. Castoreum comes from sacs near a beaver's anus, and it's used as vanilla or raspberry flavoring in food and d

Entry by NyttAura

YOUR SODA MAY CONTAIN POOP BACTERIA. A 2009 study by Hollins University found fecal bacteria in nearly half the drink dispensers in fast food joints s

Entry by bullamakanka

IF YOUR ORANGE IS BRIGHTLY COLORED, MAYBE DON'T LICK THE PEEL. Citrus Red 2 is an artificial dye classified as possibly carcinogenic, SO it's banned i

Entry by j21

GROUND BEEF IS UP TO 15% SLIME. PINK SLIME. Lean finely textured beef, or pink slime, is made from meat trimmings that have had the fat separated fr

Entry by kamiyu910

CRAGKED COM WOULD YOU EAT 22 PACKETS OF SUGAR? You're kinda grossed out just thinking about it, aren't you? But that's how much sugar you get from a 2

Entry by BeardEnvy

HAVE YOU EVER HAD SPAGHETTI? THEN YOU MIGHT HAVE EATEN HORSE. In 2013, DNA analyses revealed that some food products sold in Europe, including Tesco-b

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