26 Foods You Wouldn't Eat If You Knew How They're Made

If you knew how they were made, you'd pass on these foods.
26 Foods You Wouldn't Eat If You Knew How They're Made

We all know that the food industry is pretty shady, but we just kind of push that idea to the back of our brains so we can stick burgers in our pie-holes without feeling bad about it.

Well, we're here today to stick something else in that pie-hole. And by "pie-hole" we mean brain. And by "something else" we mean "incredibly disturbing facts that are guaranteed to make you lose your appetite."

JELLY BEANS ARE SHINY BECAUSE OF BUG SECRETIONS. Hard-shelled candies are coated in shellac, a resin secreted by the female lac bug on trees in Thaila
26 Foods You Wouldn't Eat If You Knew How They're Made
YOU HAVE EATEN HAIR. (SORT OF.) L-cysteine is an amino acid used in baking and to make food flavorings. Its main sources are feathers and hair. (Not n
MEAT IS TREATED WITH CARBON MONOXIDE. The stuff that comes out of car exhausts is used in meat packaging to make it look fresh. CRACKED COM
RANCH DRESSING IS MADE WITH SUNSCREEN. Titanium dioxide makes ranch dressing white. The same stuff is used in sunscreens to keep your skin white as we
CHICKEN IS MUCH FATTIER TODAY. A study conducted by the London Metropolitan University found that chicken these days has over twice as much fat and a
26 Foods You Wouldn't Eat If You Knew How They're Made
LOW-SUGAR FOODS CAN STILL MAKE YOU FATTER. Many products are advertised as being low-sugar or diet. However, they contain sweeteners such as sacch
YOU'VE BEEN SWALLOWING BEAVER ASS JUICE. Castoreum comes from sacs near a beaver's anus, and it's used as vanilla or raspberry flavoring in food and d
CRACKED COM YOUR RASPBERRY YOGURT HAS CRUSHED INSECTS. If you're eating something colored red, chances are it's dyed with carmine, a pigment made by c
MEET HOKI. YOU MAY HAVE EATEN IT WITHOUT KNOWING IT. This ugly fish, also known as blue grenadier, is used by McDonald's in their Filet-O-Fish sandwic
YOUR SODA MAY CONTAIN POOP BACTERIA. A 2009 study by Hollins University found fecal bacteria in nearly half the drink dispensers in fast food joints s
YOU COULD NEVER EAT THAT DELICIOUS BURGEPJINTHE AD. The meat is undercooked, the lettuce is held in place with pins, and the sesame seeds are glued on
ARE YOU suRE THAT TACO HAS ANY MEAT AT ALL? A lawsuit against Taco Bell alleged that the beef in their tacos was less than 35% actual meat. Taco Bell
IF YOUR ORANGE IS BRIGHTLY COLORED, MAYBE DON'T LICK THE PEEL. Citrus Red 2 is an artificial dye classified as possibly carcinogenic, SO it's banned i
YOUR CHOCOLATE MAY CONTAIN A LIL' BIT OF VERMIN. The FDA considers chocolate acceptable if it contains up to 60 insect fragments and one rodent hair p
CRACKEDCON SUBWAY'S SANDWICHES ARE HEALTHY. JUST DON'T USE CONDIMENTS. Advertised nutritional values don't include any condiments, dressing, or cheese
HAVE YOU EVER EATEN A YOGA MAT? Well, maybe you have. We won't judge. Just pointing out that fast food buns sometimes contain azodicarbonamide, which
SO LOW-FAT MEANS LOW-CALORIE, RIGHT? NOPE! Yes, they did remove the fat from that low-fat quesadilla and then they replaced it with other stuff to mak
GROUND BEEF IS UP TO 15% SLIME. PINK SLIME. Lean finely textured beef, or pink slime, is made from meat trimmings that have had the fat separated fr
CRAGKED COM WOULD YOU EAT 22 PACKETS OF SUGAR? You're kinda grossed out just thinking about it, aren't you? But that's how much sugar you get from a 2
CHEAP MEAT IS OFTEN GLUED TOGETHER. Super MAENEHETSL Transglutaminase, also Glve called meat glue, is a substance used to build steaks and the like
CAN A SALAD BE WORSE THAN A BIG MAC? IT CAN. Applebee's Oriental Chicken Salad has more calories, fat, and sodium than a Big Mac meal with French frie
HAVE YOU EVER HAD SPAGHETTI? THEN YOU MIGHT HAVE EATEN HORSE. In 2013, DNA analyses revealed that some food products sold in Europe, including Tesco-b
TWINKIE FILLING IS CRISCO. It's creamy. It's yummy. It's mostly vegetable shortening.
JELLO IS MADE FROM BONES. Gelatin, the stuff that puts the jiggle in jello, is derived from collagen, a protein extracted by boiling animal bones and
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