The 26 Most Terrifying Foods on Our Planet

Hey, we get it: Losing weight is super tough. Thankfully, we're here to show you super gross foods so you never want to eat again.
The 26 Most Terrifying Foods on Our Planet

Hey, we get it: Losing weight is super tough. Every where you look, society is blasting your senses with delicious fat slathered in more fat on top of fat -- and it's all delicious as fuck.

But Cracked's here to help. Along with AuntieMeme, a questionably-certified nutritionist, we dug up some of the most disgusting meals ever that are guaranteed to make you never want to eat again.

Street vendors in the Philippines sell Balut, a picnic egg with a duckling inside. The eggs are incubated until the ducklings are almost mature, and t
Yartsa gunbu, the fungus-infested caterpillar in this Tibetan soup, reportedly gives athletes an unfair advantage in competitions: It's not fair for t
The 26 Most Terrifying Foods on Our Planet
Australian Aborigines enjoy live, raw witchetty grubs, and will serve them to you if you're in the area. PHOto Photo. Not tempted? You're not alone. P
The 26 Most Terrifying Foods on Our Planet
A popular delicacy in Dongyang, China is urine-soaked eggs. Tong zi dan, or boy eggs are boiled in Creative urine collected from local schoolboys, t
Despite its similarity to an old Saturday Night Live routine, Placenta Soda is a real health drink from Japan. ohil Placenta Placenta 400000 400000 It
The 26 Most Terrifying Foods on Our Planet
HaagenDazs recently introduced two flavors of vegetable ice cream. Japanese shoppers can now choose between tomato-cherry and carrot-orange SpoonVege
When in Yukon, be sure to try the Sourtoe Cocktail. It contains a mummified human toe, that you must agree to touch with your lips when you order the
This is Shirako, the male equivalent of caviar. That's right, it's sperm-filled fish testicles. htp/wwwtodaycom/id/40035354#. VMKIcnB4rgD
Eel Soda is a thing. 1-QU E CC 40N ORAAEKLS t ARARA Unagi Nobori, or Surging Eel fizzy pop, contains extracts of eel head and bones.
Huitlacoche, a fungus that grows on corn, is considered a delicacy in Mexico. American farmers call it corn smut. **translation: raven shit. htplw
Who wants Pacha? It's a traditional Iraqi dish made from boiled sheep's Foods head, feet, and Bizere stomach. pboto CRACKED.COM htto wamaysoedecomaden
The Octopop is a lollipop made out of squid. The squid is (it's actuallye of slow-cooked, kind a misnomer) then sliced and arranged into flower shapes
Baby Mouse Wine is exactly what it sounds like. B566GGGG61G1616 616 1616166666685 newborn baby mice drowned mFu in rice wine, then fermented. MOUSE WI
Lutefisk is fish that has been soaked in lye, a caustic chemical used to clean drains. POTASSIUM HYDROXIDE CORROSIVE 8 MANDLE WITH CARE KOH In Wiscons
When in Greenland, be sure to try the Kiviag. It's made by stuffing sea birds into a gutted seal and letting them ferment for 3-18 months. CRACKED.CON
Enjoying your Escamoles? They're the larvae and pupae of Liometopum ants. They're pretty tricky to harvest, too. The ants are about half an inch long,
In China, Drunken Shrimp isn't a euphemism. It's a dish that contains live shrimp that are bombed out of their minds. They've been hot-tubbing in sake
In Le Mat, In fact, a chef Vietnam, will butcher you can the cobra and eat the serve you the beating heart whole thing, of a cobra. in courses. Be car
This is Boodog, a beheaded marmot cooked from the inside out with hot rocks, then de-furred with a blowtorch. This is a marmot. CRACKEDCON Chp/wmongol
Tiet Canh, or cold blood soup, is a traditional Vietnamese dish. It's made from raw blood (usually duck) and cooked gizzards, and topped with peanuts
In some countries, fruit bats are tossed whole into soup. Fur, skin, teeth, guts, and all. Officials in Guinea! have banneD the delicacy, because of i
Akutaq, or Eskimo ice cream, is made from fish, berries, and seal oil. In a base of reindeer or moose fat. Modern recipes sometimes substitute shorten
You can order French fries with chocolate sauce, in Japan. They're sold as a Valentine's Day treat at Lotteria fast food restaurants. Pns 2-ta/ #i Ia+


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