37 Not-So-Appetizing Food Facts

37 Not-So-Appetizing Food Facts

Enjoy food? We’re here to ruin that for you. Not everything delicious is as delicious when you learn the basics about it. We’re sorry, but we just couldn’t keep these facts to ourselves. If we have to suffer, so must you.

You are what you eat. Which, according to the following facts, makes you a disgusting sack of bugs and feces. Sorry, we don’t make up these idioms, we just repeat them. 

For being on our mind at least three times a day, we don’t put that much thought into the food we consume. We can obsessively clean our hands but then put our mouths on a dirty soda can or eat food that has trace amounts of hair in it. The following list is not for the faint of stomach, but it is important to make you do a double-take before you decide to eat out. (Or even eat some groceries.) 

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