20 Unfortunate Facts About Food


If “you are what you eat” was true then the majority of us would be 10% aspartame, 40% plastic, 5% pizza, and the rest made up of various animal lobes, folds, and feet. However, we typically go out of our way to avoid that realization so we can enjoy our frozen pizzas, filet-o-fish sandwiches, double-bubble burgers, and whatever sugary, chewy thing candy companies come up with next. Ignorance is bliss.

But if you're trying to eat healthy, we might be of service to you. Thanks to the folks at Cracked, you'll find out what jelly beans have in common with floor cleaner. You'll discover what connects the McRib with your sweaty yoga mat. Plus, you'll find out how and why ranch dressing can help prevent sunburn.

Take a peek at some of these incredibly true yet sad, sad, sad facts about the food you eat (just be sure to have dinner before reading this):

Entry by ZackJ

The shredded cheddarcheese on Taco Bell'stacos doesn't melt; it burns. CRACKED Real cheese is supposed to melt.

Entry by j21

20 Unfortunate Facts About Food

Entry by BeardEnvy

CRACKEDCON TESCO Everyday Value spaghetti bolognese Spaghetti Pasta served with a Minced Beef Bologneses sauce No artificialnlavours Or colours Servin
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