30 Movie And TV Cliches That Drive Us Nuts

Why does Hollywood think cocky jerks love eating apples?
30 Movie And TV Cliches That Drive Us Nuts

A cliche is a phrase in a piece of art that has been overdone to the point of meaninglessness. A car breaking down when a murderer is on the trail of the hero may have formerly worked as a suspenseful device. Now we just expect to hear the wheezing of a worn out engine. It's time to start putting these cinematic cliches and well worn tropes to rest once and for all.

Whenever it relates to clichés, Hollywood does have a long history of relying on them. Tinseltown has never encountered a theme it didn't like to death. Whether it be superheroes who walk casually away from clashes that would kill regular humans to those rom com sprints past security at the airport, which would land any regular person in jail (yeah, you, True Romance).

How difficult is it to come up with unique ideas? According to Hollywood, it's actually impossible since movies and shows can't seem to stop recycling tired stereotypes. Keep scrollin’ for more eye rolling examples:

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