30 Nearly Unfathomable Facts About Money

30 Nearly Unfathomable Facts About Money

What do you think about money? It can be a pretty touchy subject for some people. But, regardless of your personal feelings about it, there are some facts about money that just might surprise you. For example, did you know that...

- More than 1% of all the world's currency is made up of coins that are no longer in circulation? 

- Are there more than 200 different currencies in use today? 

- In 2013, the United States alone printed more than $1 trillion in paper currency? 

There are all sorts of things to learn about money – some surprising and others not so much. So if you're curious to know more, read on!

Turns out the people who suffered most after Pablo Escobar's fall were companies selling rubber bands. The drug lord spent tons of money each year on bands to hold all his cash together. Today we'll look at that and 29 other fascinating facts about money, currencies, and more:

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