We've come to take the humble dollar bill for granted, but it's the product of centuries of trial and error. Rather than simply snorting cocaine through them, some coins were so big, one hundred men could snort cocaine off of them.

Here are some of the most bonkers things our species have collected to represent their wealth:

Canadians trade coupons from a tire company. CANADIAN TA TIRE 10 CANADIAN 51 LITEb usctT CASH AADUiATEIS CRNSOIRN TRE Canada Tire is SO ubiquitous tha

Italy has a Fort Knox for cheese. Credito Emiliano accepts wheels of Parmesan as collateral for loans while cheese makers wait for their sources of in

China used to trade knife-money. Knife-replica coinage was developed in the regions where knives were commonly used tools, while spade-money hailed fr

China once accidentally faked out all its ATMs. PO44 100 1o Winll AA00000001 AA0000000 '', JJ Their high-roller gold 100-yuan bill contained actual

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TWENTY. sHill. GarVatYo COowara ducotereit, I03ED. Before it said In God We Trust, all US currency came with a handy reminder: TO COUNTERFEIT IS DE


HANU DU hahe RINEY atle ZA1R88 220000 1191 Nyl t Mc When dictator Joseph Mobutu was overthrown, Zaire's government cut his face off the currency until

Squirrel pelts were a common currency in medieval Russia. It's speculated that murdering all those squirrels actually helped stave off the spread of T

The first US coins said Mind Your Business. MND YOUK UTSINESS You'll never believe this: it was Benjamin Franklin's idea. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED COM

Some Australian and British notes are So thin and rigid, people figured out they could actually produce sound from vinyl records. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED

Lots of modern money is not vegan. 24 countries' currency uses a polymer derived from tallow (beef fat). NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED COM

The smallest coins ever used, Vijayanger's tara, had a diameter of 4 millimeters. If you didn't have exact change, you'd be carrying around a pocket f

The largest piece of legal tender in the world is 220 pounds. TLLION DOLLA DE DO ON Canada's Big Maple Leaf is a $1 million coin made of about $2 mi

The people of Yap used stones that were too big to carry up to 2 tons. They never moved locations, but were traded via public ceremonies SO everyone k
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