Pennies cost a cent and a half to produce. Apiece. If that figure doesn't shock you, buckle up. We're sure some of these other startling facts about currency will.

"People like Bill Gates, people like Warren Buffett, have shown us with philanthropy, people can make a phenomenal impact…People like that can make a phenomenal impact when they just take a little bit out of their immense wealth and help us make that difference." Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Global Citizen Ambassador, stated at the campaign launch in Davos on January 21.

What can a billion-dollar business buy? What about a trip to mars with 4,000 of your closest friends? You might also consider buying the same White House twice or eating 3 trillion Fritos. We're not here to judge.

We are all aware that billionaires are wealthy. But really, how wealthy are they? So how does that make a comparison to the poor? Thanks to growing inequality, the comparison is actually difficult to make.

Most pertinently, how far should those at the top go to help the few at the bottom? Here are some facts to stick to the fridge.

We gave our readers some currency of their own to come up with these.

Entry by Andrea Meno

The martphone industry spends about $10 billion a year on suing over, and buying, patents. (3h 4402 4S0 252a1 25222 A- txcation e Sm ittoas bre srtar

Entry by Andrea Meno

In one of the U.S.'s poorest areas, the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, people make on average less than $8.000 a year. ENTERING PINE RIDGE INDI NPESER

Entry by Oona Vessman

CRACKEDCO The cost to end world hunger is $30 billion per year -the same amount as drunk Americans spend online annually

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