18 Secret Shopping Tips That Will Save You Serious Cash

How to become a shopping ninja.
18 Secret Shopping Tips That Will Save You Serious Cash

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We tend to think of prices as fixed, non-negotiable things, unless we're talking about car dealerships. But as it turns out, there are lots of lesser-known, unexpected tips you can use to save serious money.

We asked our readers to share their most useful, surprising shopping tips, and paid them cash for our favorite entries. Which they'll doubtless parlay into some smart, smart shopping.

If you bring a reusable shopping bag to TRADER JOE'S and spend at least $25 JOE'S ER you can participate in a regular, weekly raffle to win a $25 TJ g
If you want to avoid an extended negotiation when cancelling your cable service, give them an excuse that they can't use to try to sell you on a diffe
YoU cAn BUY A CHEAP GAME FROM STEAM WITHOUT usING YOUR own money. STEPS: 1. Sell your Steam trading cards on the community market. The profit will be
The expiration date for tires is six years. UMWA ATL2 051 1 DOT They can go bad even if they're sitting on the shelf. To make sure, check the code i
CRACKED Itching for a movie? Check for discount days before standing in line to purcHASE your movie ticket. ADMIT ONF ADmit ONE S 60005 Most cinemas h
BEDBATH& BEYOND STOP Expired Bed, Bath & Beyond coupons are almost always accepted. CRACKED COM
Buy a front-loading washing machine to save on bills. SMSSURC In comparison to top-loader washers, front-loading machines use 40 to 75% less water, an
Buy clothes when they're going out of season. The biggest sales for summer clothes are in September, and for winter clothes in February. CRACKEDOON
Ymea CRACKEDC COM If you are nervous about the return policies on cosmetics, both CVS and Rite Aid will give you a full refund even if you have alread
YOU MIGHT WANT TO CHECK OUT YOUR RECEIPT BEFORE You THROW IT AWAY. Because the receipt sometimes comes with a satisfaction survey. can You get $ often
HOW TO GET A FREE MINI-MAKEOVER AT SEPHORA. You can book an appointment through their website. You can choose eye and lip makeup looks for free. The o
Wednesday is best day to hit the supermarket. THU WED TUE 5 The shelves should be freshly stocked, since most stores get their deliveries on Tuesdays.
The music played inside grocery stores makes you spend more, So wear headphones! Experts have found that elevator music is slower than the human heart
You don't have to spend a fortune on a salon haircut. You can get it done at a beauty school. Hairstylists-in-training need real customers, they can't
When possible, CRACKEDCO COM WALK to the store. Research shows impulse purchasing increases by 44%, just by taking your car with you.
Think twice before spending on that unbelievable sale. SALE SALE Retailers have UP been caught TO 50% UP TO overstating 50% everyday SALE SALE price
Carry crisp new bills when you're shopping. Research shows that people have a subconscious desire not to part with them and therefore you won't spend
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