24 Eyebrow-Arching Ways One Percenters Live

Turns out lighting cigars with dollar bills is the least extravagant thing rich people do.
24 Eyebrow-Arching Ways One Percenters Live

Many superstars have far more wealth than they would ever utilize or require. Some people have numerous residences, their own private chef, coaches, and even private jets. Celebrities with millions of dollars can consume in ways that appear excessive as well as indulgent to others, yet it seems like when any human gets enough money, some big-spending is almost inevitable. Several shows even focus on the lifestyles of the rich and famous, and so many superstars are urged to strive in an attempt to have the greatest red carpet look, land the greatest television and film parts, or draw followers to their performances.

Being a wealthy celebrity appears to be fantastic, but we can't say for sure because we haven't tried it. So we set out to find out what it meant to have money to burn, and it turns out that, as we suspected, wealthy individuals spend their money in extravagant ways.

You still don't believe us? Let's see...

CRACKED Rich people have the option to not get rained on during their wedding day... ...because they can opt for 'cloud seeding' service, which utiliz
CRACKEDc Normal kids hang around playgrounds with their skateboards. For the ultra- rich, they have The Thermal Club. It is a private racetrack where
CRACKED c COM For $1.5 to $4.5 million, the rich can survive the apocalypse in an underground luxury condo. COIKIE
Rich people have special therapists to help them from becoming mentally unstable due to their wealth. Called wealth therapists, their job is to help t
High-net-worth individuals pay a lot for their slow deaths. SARSERES The high-end cigarette brand TREASURER LONDON costs a whopping $59 a pack, plus t
You can buy this mansion for $29.6M. It has everything a horse needs to lead a comfortable life. Wait, what? Well, it's actually a stable complex for
CRACKED CO Wealthy people who live in the Northeast United States can buy special driveways which automatically melt the snow away!
When the privileged look for bargains, they don't go to Craigslist, but to JamesEdition. JamesEdition The World's 1 nsary Marketplace. With categories
Why spend pocket change on NORMAL toothpicks like a PEASANT when you can spend 18,000 on luxury, solid gold toothpicks? GRACKEDOON
CRACKEDGOm So your cat died, but you can't bear to go without him? on For $725, you can have your cat taidermed. But if that price sounds too upper-mi
Uber-rich mothers hire professional organizers to pack their kid's trunks CRACKED.COM for summer camp. RE LLAUY lne A professional organizer charges a
The coveted American Express Centurian black card costs a minumum of $10,000 a year. AMERICAN EXPRESSe 3749 7.1008 ECEH INCE 85 RICHY MCJERKFACE AMEX
A standard 'low end' Hermes Birkin bag costs about 000. Even if you're a billionaire, it's difficult to get one. That means you can't just walk into a
24 Eyebrow-Arching Ways One Percenters Live
IF they want to cut the line when visiting Disney Worid, rich families cOuld book the Private VIP Tours for the modest price of $425 to $625 per hour
The 1% don't show off on Instagram -they use the app Rich Kids. Rich Kids is an Instagram clone with a twist: you can post photos only if you pay the
TO lose weight and detoxify their bodies, celebrities go to infrared saunas. They make you sweat more than normal saunas, which supposedly unloads m
Rich people don't just hire nannies for their kids, they hire trained nannies. By trained we mean martial-arts, stunt-driving trained. These Norland n
Have you ever dreamed of a dating app that functions like Tinder but without poor people? Try Luxy, a dating app for rich folks, which will kick out i
Millionaires and celebrities hire personal CRACKEDCON shoppers to do their holiday shopping. They charge $400 an hour or a percentage of the shopping
Rich families can get 24/7 personal medical attention with luxurious concierge medicine plans that give access to doctors anywhere any time. With a ma
24 Eyebrow-Arching Ways One Percenters Live
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