23 Reality-Shifting Comparisons About Money


To quote the famous philosophers of the Wu-Tang Clan: Cash rules everything around us. But it's not until seeing how your cash is stacking up to other people's that you realize that some people are being ruled way more than others.

We tasked our readers with putting together some cash comparisons that will either blow your mind or make you rob a bank. $200 went to the winner ...

Entry by j21

The 1923 huperinflation in Weimar Germany was SO intense, that while it cost 2 marks to send a domestic letter in mid-1922, and already 20 marks bu th

Entry by j21

The Apple JE computer cost for the 8k RAM modely when released in 1977 or more than $10000 in 2014 dollars) Cut to 1984 5 items 232K in disk 167K avai

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