24 Facts About One Percenters And All Their Money

Scrooge McDuck is real, guys.
24 Facts About One Percenters And All Their Money


Rich people are a thing, everyone gets that. Very few people are happy about it, especially all those drowning in student debt, medical debt, housing debt, the starving check-to-checkers, the unhoused…you get it. Occupy Wall Street was more than a decade ago, and it feels like things have only gotten worse from there.  

But rich people, absurdly rich people, all are thing. But we weren't sure everyone realizes how absurdly, ridiculously loaded the top one percent is. And one of our favorite pastimes here, despite being pop culture nerds, is running cold, hard numbers. What exactly do all those riches do for those who have them? What do the riches do with all this riches? So we asked our readers to crunch the numbers and show us, in simple terms, what kind of coin we're talking about, here.

And we gave a (very small) pile of coins to our favorite entries.

By divorcing Jeff Bezos, Mackenzie Bezos became the third richest woman on Earth. The divorce settlement left Mackenzie with around $38 billion in Ama
MUKESH AMBANI BUILT A HOME FOR AROUND $1 BILLION. The richest man in India built his 400,000-square foot private residence in Mumbai. It has 27-storie
The Waltons, the family behind Walmart, make $4 million per hour. Walmart Live better. Save money. The average new Walmart associate, for comparison,
King Salman of Saudi Arabia has a golden escalator that he uses to descend from his private plane.
Bidzina lvanishvili, Georgia's richest man, lives in a $50 million steel-and-glass structure nicknamed the glassle. The top two floors are all glass
Media tycoon Sumner Redstone is reported to have given 1.5% of his net worth to various mistresses during a 'monogamous' engagement to his then-fiance
CRACKED COM In 2015, billionaire Liu Yiqian purchased an antique ceramic cup (which he casually uses to drink tea from in this picture) for $36 millio
CRACKEDcO COM Australian billionaire Clive Palmer wants only the simplest things in life. Such as building a $472 million functioning replica of the T
In 1968, billionaire Howard Hughes was paranoid that a photographer could secretly take pictures of him from the neon sign of the silver Slipper, whic
Mark Zuckerberg buys houses next to his. In order to have control over who lives next to him, Zuckerberg bought four different properties next to his
When Dennis Kozlowski was indicted for fraud the investigators found a gold and burgundy shower curtain worth $6,000 in his maid's bathroom. Kozlowski
CRAOE MAX SCHERZER, BASEBALL'S HIGHEST-PAID PITCHER, WILL EARN $37.5 MILLION IN 2019. This season, he played 27 games, pitched 172.1 innings, and thre
F Jeff Bezos' net worth is about $110 billion. 1878 4 8 67 3 8F02 4BC345 A person making $7.25 an hour would have to work about 1.73 million years to
CRACKED The family of the Sultan of Brunei owns a forgotten collection of 500 supercars. RNIGIS BQ205 The family has lost interest in the collection,
Mukesh Ambani, the 13th-richest person in the world, reportedly spent upwards of $100 million on his daughter's wedding. The event was attended by man
The beach in front of Bill Gates' house is covered in sand from the Caribbean.. A barge from the island of St. Lucia ships sand to the house each year
Amancio Ortega, founder of Inditex - who oo owns the fashion line Zara - purchased two office blocks in Seattle for $740 million. They were being leas
Ken Griffin bought a penthouse for $238 million. S The hedge-fund manager's purchase broke a record for the most expensive home ever sold in the U.S.
Russian billionaire Yuri Milner owns a 380-foot yacht that has another, 9-foot yacht stowed inside it. CRACKED COM
CRACKED.c COM Elon Musk could buy each of his 45, ,000 Tesla employees 11.9 Model 3 cars with his net worth.
Oprah bought a private plane avoid unpleasant to at airports. encounters
Will Smith's trailer is roughly the same size as an average European house. Its luxury, however, supersedes most homes. For the price tag of $2.5 mill
Larry Ellison owns a Hawaiian island. KAUA'I NI'IHAU O'AHU MOLOKA'L MAUI LANA'I KAHO'OLAWE HAWAI'I ISLAND In 2012, the founder of Oracle bought 98% of
Mark Zuckerberg earns the average person's annual salary in his bathroom break. The average full-time U.S. worker makes $46,800 a year. Zuckerberg mak
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